Over time we have been very fortunate to hear and receive some fantastic comments and testimonials from those that we support and work alongside, which we are very grateful for.

Here is a sample of just some of the Little Miracles Testimonials and feedback that we have received at the Cambridge, Ely & Newmarket branch.

“Even though I have only been involved with Little Miracles for a short while, I feel I finally have a place for my family to go to and have people to talk to without being judged.

They understand the daily challenges, which for most people are part of their daily routine. I have made some great new friends and I look forward to going out with my son to group, rather than dreading taking him somewhere.

My son also has a place he can go to and just be himself. Everyone I have met is very friendly and all I have left to say is a big THANK YOU!”

Little Miracles Feedback

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Little Miracles for all that they do for my son Josh and other similar families in the area. It’s really amazing work and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Providing sessions and events for children on the autistic spectrum and also with other additional needs is something that the local area has been crying out for. From the Saturday sessions to organised days out at wonderful venues, so much care and attention goes into considering the childrens needs and providing a environment that is both stimulating and something they can deal with.

For our son to be able to be himself without judgement from anyone else is something very special. Little Miracles has also developed a great little social / networking community where parents can share their experiences and relate to each others situations, there is no need for anyone to feel lost and this is really valuable.

Keep up the amazing work!

Little Miracles Feedback

“Little Miracles are a fantastic local charity who do an amazing job supporting and helping families. They have helped my sons and us as a family more than I ever imagined x”

Little Miracles Feedback

I would like to say what a wonderful experience we have had when attending Little Miracles!

My son, Alfie, hardly said a word and wouldn’t sit longer than 5 seconds when we first attended a year ago ! Now he goes to people who respect his ways and sits and watches activities and loves every minute he is there!

It’s so nice for people to accept Alfie for the way he behaves and as a parent you don’t feel judged at all !  Since this I have become a dedicated fundraiser for them raising £600+ so far and £151 on a Christmas draw and I couldn’t think of a more worthwhile cause and its worth every minute of my time!

Little Miracles Feedback

“Its a charity that has given me a voice, one that was once a whisper and with the help of the friends I have made – has now became more of a shout!.

The knowledge that has come from friendly banter will stay with me forever. Thank you ladies / gents for helping me out of this isolation and giving me a great insight at the same time.”

Little Miracles Feedback

Toby really enjoys his time at Sensory Saturdays, it has helped him grow in confidence and his needs are always taken into consideration (Toby has dwarfism). We also get lots of support online and through the coffee mornings.

Toby enjoyed his day trip out to the Panto which was a whole new experience for him and without Little Miracles it just wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you!

Little Miracles Feedback

“It is a place to go where it’s ok to be different and nobody judges me”

Little Miracles Feedback
11 Years Old

I am so proud of my son Liam and he loves the Little Miracles group so much. We have always been made to feel so welcome by the fantastic staff who arrange such lovely Saturday sessions. There are also wonderful trips out and the fun things that we do make our life so magical.

A big thank you for your kind hearts and the support of all the staff just means the world to me !!!! You all make our lives brighter when you are around. Heartfelt thanks for all your hard work and support, you’re all stars in mine and my children’s eyes!!!

Little Miracles Feedback

“Since coming to Sensory Sats, Phoenix has changed for the better. When we first came, he stayed in the Sensory room for the whole session and didn’t speak to anyone. Now he has made friends and even cuddles some of the staff he wouldn’t be the boy he is now with out the help and support of Little Miracles.

I can’t thank the team enough. I’m now leaning how to understand him from talking to other parents and have made some wonderful friends. It’s so nice to go somewhere and not be judged.”

Little Miracles Feedback

“I love Little Miracles because I have made some nice friends and I feel happy and relaxed when I’m there 🙂 “

Little Miracles Feedback
7 Years Old

Little Miracles are amazing. The support they give to children with additional needs and their families is fantastic.”

Little Miracles Feedback

“Since joining Little Miracles I have watched both my girls flourish with confidence! Tiana has grown in confidence and its funny to think a year ago she wouldn’t leave my side! Both feel relaxed and happy and that’s due to the friendliness of the staff and others that participate in group sessions – to which I Thank You!

As a single parent, I feel at ease at the groups, everyone is accepting and understanding. A place where you can go where no-one judges you or your child is a great feeling!! I’ve met some truly inspirational children and their parents and have made some friendships for life!”

Little Miracles Feedback

“We have thoroughly enjoyed going on the trips with Little Miracles and were made to feel very very welcome. The support also has been fantastic!”

Little Miracles Feedback

Just a little bit to say how much I love coming to Sensory Sats, it’s amazing! I’ve now been attending the group with my autistic son and my family since September 2014.

The committee who run the group are amazing and I couldn’t ask for better people to spend my Saturday afternoon with. They have all given me great support and helped me out with all the questions that I have. Me and my family can now let down our hair and be chilled whilst our children are being themselves, and not be judged on what are our needs. Great activities are provided and enjoyed by everyone.

My son loves the group and the people that support him! He has really opened up with everybody and has improved so much since we started attending. It’s such a great place and we’re looking forward to making memories in 2015.

Thanks all for your great support!

Little Miracles Feedback
Stacey & Luke

“I love it because everyone’s nice and helps each other!”

Little Miracles Feedback
6 Years Old

“We are a new family using Little Miracles and wish we had found them sooner. A wonderful group to be part of and so deserving of outside support.”

Little Miracles Feedback