Little Miracles CEN Secret Santa

This year we are once more doing a “Secret Santa” between the volunteers. If you would like to take part in this then please complete the form below and have it submitted by 12pm on Saturday November 25th.

The Draw: Via random generator on email

The Amount: Spend up to £10

The Handover: Presents will be exchanged at our Christmas Meal at the Hilton Hotel on December 17th

If you are not attending the meal but want to take part then alternative arrangements will be made. All the forms submitted will be put in to unmarked envelopes, these will then be selected in the draw and you will have all the details for that person. Thanks for getting involved 🙂

Please contact Sian for any questions in regards to our “Secret Santa”. You can also email her at

Cut Off Date

If you wish to take part in the Secret Santa please ensure your form is completed by:
12pm Saturday November 25th