We are delighted to have delivered our role play & imagination project which has been a fantastic success in many areas.

The project was supported by £1500 funding from Lovewell Blake managed by Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, of whom we have worked with on a number of projects previously with very positive results. The project centred around role play, construction and sensory aspects in it’s design.

Justin Heron, Operations Manager for Little Miracles CEN said; “Our project was designed to harness a child’s creativity and use that as medium to increase engagement with those around them and build on their social skills development. We have found much strength in this process before on many occasions, using such areas as photography as a bridge to group working and communication in a very visual way. We are delighted with the delivery of the project, the very positive feedback we have received and of course the support in making this all happen from Lovewell Blake and Cambridgeshire Community Foundation.”

Sian Turner-Gilbert, Head of SEND for Little Miracles CEN said; “Role play is an important aspect of a child’s development as it encourages a child from a young age to develop in all areas that are seen vital within the EYFS and Every Child Matters. Role play can encourage a child to build relationships with peers and adults by sharing and interacting. This leads on to them being able to develop both their verbal and non verbal communication skills with both peers and adults.

When a child uses role play equipment, it helps with physical development of both gross and fine motor skills whether that be opening an oven door, building a ‘brick’ wall or cutting up some pretend food. This type of play will also encourage the development of their imagination skills and creative thinking. Mathematically, the child using the role play equipment and participating in role play activities will be developing their skills of problem solving and names of shapes, numbers etc.

As you can see, role play is vital for any childs development from an early age and can help encourge a child with SEND to develop the necessary skills in all areas that are needed to live as much of an independent life as possible.”

Jemma Neal, Parent and Family Worker said; “The new role play equipment that has been donated to Little Miracles has made such a lovely contribution to the different opportunities on offer at the play sessions. My son who has ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) finds life very difficult to navigate, especially in communicating with others. He’s really enjoyed having the new equipment and it’s a great opportunity to practice his social skills and develop his language, turn taking, playing out how we can control real life situations, pretending with the kitchen equipment. It can be really difficult to keep him engaged in play but he has played alongside his siblings here for much longer than I expected. Just this week we were using the barbecue, playing out what he has seen dad cooking, talking about what he enjoys eating (which can be another difficult area!).

He’s not one to initiate contact with others but has been happily playing alongside peers in the area. It’s not overly noisy or busy in the area. His siblings have also enjoyed playing here, talking to other children. It’s always lovely to see them have an opportunity to relax in a happy environment.”

As massive thank you to Lovewell Blake and Cambridgeshire Community Foundation for assisting us to make our project a reality.