MPH Football

Little Miracles CEN are proud to have a special relationship with MPH Football.

MPH Football offers the children that Little Miracles supports a different way to experience active, football and target related games in a safe and fun way. The goal can be used for accuracy, beating personal records and is a great tool also for co-ordination and social skill improvement. It can also be used in a variety of ways to accommodate different disabilities.

Justin Heron, Operations Manager for LMCEN said; “We have a fantastic relationship with Dan and MPH Football, one that continues to go from strength to strength. We have had the Speed Radar Goal at a number of our sessions now and as soon as it ends the first question we are asked is when is it coming back again. This is a really good testament to both the service itself and MPH Football overall, for the fun challenges that it provides to our members as well the way in which MPH Football conducts itself and engages with the children we support. We very much see Dan as part of Little Miracles in many ways and can’t thank him enough for his efforts with us and support of the work that we do”

Dan Penfold, Managing Director of MPH Football said; “Ever since my first session with Little Miracles in August 2016, I have admired the fantastic work all of the staff and Justin do for the charity. I love going to them and seeing all of the children having such fun with the speed goal and showing improvement as well. We have built up such a great relationship that will only grow stronger! I am so proud to be able to work with Little Miracles and long may this continue.”

Our Projects

We are working with the MPH Football in a variety of ways