A huge congratulations to Samantha King and all the team at Michell Instruments for their fantastic Skydiving feat and fundraising efforts!

On 9th September, six brave and fearless Michell “Blue Devils” stepped out into the unknown, 13,000 feet (4km) above the East Anglian countryside, realising one of their lifetime ambitions in the process.

They experienced the thrill and exhilaration of a tandem skydive whilst fundraising for Little Miracles in the process. We are hugely proud to be their charity of the year for 2017 and the team certainly did this event in some style. They all got to free fall for nearly a minute, reaching a speed of around 120mph before their parachute deployed and they floated gently back down to earth.

A huge thanks to Ian, Artur, Toby, Katie, Sophie & Sam – AKA Michell Instruments “Blue Devils” who raised over £2456 for our projects with their effort. Seriously impressive!

Alex Knowles, Commercial Development for Little Miracles said;

‘This is a fantastic achievement and exactly what Little Miracles is about, raising money and awareness for the charity – but doing it while having fun! A huge thank you to all of the team at Michell Instruments for their time, effort and being so brave!’

Samantha King for Michell Instruments said;

“We all had such a fantastic time performing the jump, experiencing both the thrill of the free fall and the exhilarating ride or peaceful float back to Earth – depending on how brave you were! To couple this with raising money for Little Miracles made the whole event something never to be forgotten. Thanks to everyone who sponsored us and helped support Little Miracles in such a big way!”