Little Miracles Family Workers

Supporting families physically and emotionally

At Little Miracles CEN we are very fortunate to have an excellent team of Family Workers. Our trained team can provide emotional support as well as practical help and advice to the families that we assist, that are having long or short-term difficulties in some way.

Our dedicated Little Miracles Family Workers have the ability to communicate sensitively and effectively with both children and adults in your family unit in a very non-judgemental approach. Our team is committed to supporting our members in difficult circumstances that maybe very new to them or as a returning event.

From general, emotional and SEND support through to advice on such areas as DLA, Benefits, Carers Allowance, Max Cards, Family Fund we are there to help. We can also provide basic Sensory support and advice alongside behavioural strategies and guidance.

Our Family Workers can engage with you in a number of ways. We utilise such things as private messages, email and phone calls to make helping you as easy as possible. We can also arrange 1-2-1 consultations at our offices or speak with you at one of our Sensory Sats sessions should you prefer.

DLA & Benefits Advice

Family Worker

Family Fund

Max Card

Max Card

Carers Allowance


Sensory & Behavioural Advice

General Support & Guidance

Please note as part of our policies and process at Little Miracles, you will need to complete our free membership to access our Family Worker team.

Family Common Assessment Framework (FCAF)

In October 2015, Cambridgeshire County Council launched their ‘Think Family’ scheme. This scheme is to bring together a holistic, multi-agency approach to help support all family members in a time of difficulty. The Family Common Assessment Framework (FCAF) replaced the original Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in an attempt to support families as a whole, instead of just one family member.

We are very lucky to now have 2 volunteers trained in completing the FCAF form, Sian Turner-Gilbert and Richenda King. Both Sian and Richenda will be able to guide and support you when filling out the FCAF form.

To request a FCAF assessment through Little Miracles CEN, please fill out the contact form listed below or email us on

For further information on Cambridgeshire County Council’s Think Family scheme and FCAFs, please visit:

Contact our Family Workers


Head of SEND

Sian Turner-Gilbert

Family Worker

Jemma Neal

Family Worker

Louise Smith

Please complete the contact form below to reach our Family Workers. It would be very helpful if you can leave a summary of the areas you would like to discuss with them as a general overview and introduction. The team will then be in touch with you as soon as possible. Alternately, the Family Support & SEND team can be emailed directly at should that suit you better.

Please include your Little Miracles CEN membership number if you have been provided one already.