Envoy Sign-In at Sensory Sats

At our Little Miracles “Sensory Sats” sessions that we run from our base at the Ely Community Centre¬†every Saturday between 2pm and 4pm, or whilst out and about on the trips that we run, we sign in our members using the Envoy for iPad platform.

Envoy iPad

Quick sign in using Envoy Passport on iPhone & Android

If you are a regular visitor to our sessions and events and you have an iPhone or Android phone, then you might want to take advantage of the free Envoy Passport app for quick sign-ins. In the simplest terms, using Bluetooth technology, Envoy Passport recognises when you are close to our sign-in point and brings up your details to save you some typing.

Download Envoy Passport from the App Store

Download Envoy Passport for Android

How to setup Envoy Passport (iPhone example used)


Download Envoy Passport from the App Store, set up your details and activate Bluetooth permissions.

Visit Little Miracles

Locate our sign-in point
at the session or event.


The Envoy iPad will detect your Passport using Bluetooth. When your avatar pops up on the screen, just tap it to sign in! Your name and details will appear automatically.

The App

The Envoy Passport app allows you to upload a photo for your profile for easy recognition on the iPad as well as keeps a history of your check ins to Envoy sign in points with its stamp system. It will also tell you if you have been pre-registered for any upcoming events that we are running.

Please note that at the present time Envoy Passport is only available on the iPhone & for Android.