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As a charity, run by volunteers, Little Miracles relies heavily on donations. So if you would like to donate to Little Miracles, this truly helps us to develop and expand the services that we can provide to the community.

Each donation that is made is gratefully received and this means funds can be put towards providing much needed support and a place to go for the children we support.

For example a £10 donation could provide arts and crafts supply for a drop centre for up to 5 children, or be put towards sensory equipment and days out to name but a few areas.

We hope that you can take a moment to make a donation, however small, it really does make a difference.


With JustGiving you can make either a regular or one off donation to Little Miracles.

JustGiving is the world’s leading platform for charity giving. Since their launch in 2001, they have enabled over 21 million people to raise £1.5 billion for over 13,000 charities and causes in radically new ways.

Donations can be made to your fundraising effort very simply by either online donation or dedicated text code.


With LocalGiving you can make either a regular or one off donation to Little Miracles.

From time to time LocalGiving provide campaigns where they match donations made to us from the public. This truly makes a huge difference to the donations that we receive via the LocalGiving site


Paypal provides one of the most popular ways of donating to a charity or non-profit organisation.

By simply clicking the button to the right it allows you to make a donation to us as either a one off payment or a recurring one, should you wish to help us long term.

Paypal covers the vast majority of popular credit card services in use today, making it quick, easy and reliable to donate.

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Give With Confidence ~ Little Miracles, registered charity 1160178 is a regulated member of the Fundraising Standards Board, committed to best practice in fundraising.

We promise to always be honest, open and accountable in our fundraising, helping you to give with confidence. For more information, visit