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Little Miracles CEN are delighted to be working in partnership with Cineworld Ely.

Cineworld Ely is hugely passionate about inclusion and delivering events with us to our members that are both autism friendly and focused towards children with additional needs. Cineworld Cinemas as an organisation are committed to offering maximum accessibility at their UK venues striving to provide facilities that meet the requirements of all their customers. At a community level this works extremely well alongside Little Miracles, not just for dedicated events but also for awareness to other suitable areas of their programming. We are truly delighted to be working with Cineworld Ely in this way, they are wonderful hosts and extremely supportive of the partnership we are growing.

Alex Knowles, Commercial Manager for LMCEN said; “This is a tremendous partnership for Little Miracles and we are very grateful to the Ely Cineworld team for how supportive they have been. Many of our members are not able to enjoy a trip to the cinema due to sensory issues or social problems which make it difficult to interact with the general public. Thanks to Cineworld Ely we are able to provide a safe, non judgemental and family environment where the children feel comfortable. We are able to adjust some of the smallest details (like lights and volume) to tailor the experience to our audience and allow them to enjoy something so simple like going to see a movie. By including a theme to the trip (Halloween / Xmas / fancy dress) it adds to the excitement and fun of the day.”

Matt Shaw, General Manager of Cineworld Ely said; “Cineworld are committed to local communities and each cinema supports local groups and causes. We are thrilled to be supporting Little Miracles by providing screenings for the group that match their needs, providing a range of facilities including optimum lighting, sound and audio as well as audio description and access boxes. The team are always excited to welcome the group to the cinema and we hope that 2018 will offer more opportunities for Little Miracles to take benefit of our facilities.”

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