Sunday saw us enjoy a magical afternoon with excellent hosts Irwin Mitchell at one of our favourite venues, the Hilton Cambridge City Centre.

The children and families that we support were able to get involved in balloon art and facepainting while grabbing some afternoon tea before heading into spend some time with Blunderbus and experience their children’s theatre tale of the “Sorcerers Apprentice”.

The tale is based around Charlie Hubble, who is a little boy with a very big dream, he wants to be a world-class magician. So, he saves up his pocket money to buy “The Big Book of Magic” for Trainee Magicians. Then he sets off to Mr Zacoor’s Toy Shop to buy his spellbook. But Mr Zacoor is no ordinary shopkeeper, he’s a real life Sorcerer! And he has a very special job for Charlie..

A creative mix of music, puppetry and story telling was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended and we owe a huge thank you to the Irwin Mitchell team, everyone at the Hilton and Blunderbus for creating an excellent afternoon for us. Thank you so much!

Photos: © Justin Heron / Little Miracles CEN

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